Over the development of our lives we gather up many things. This includes, memories, priceless personal belongings, and unfortunately sometimes junk. You may find yourself staring at so much junk that it overwhelms you. That much junk could take a month before the trash trucks would come by. 

Instead of storing all that junk in your garage, slowly reducing it week after week, you should call us. Ottawa Dumpster is happy to help with one of our bins and to let you fill it. When you are done with all of your unwanted trash, we will come by and pick it up.


No matter if you are moving to a new house, doing renovations, or getting rid of the long-forgotten hobby materials, our bins will suit your needs. 

At any time, we are prepared for any sized junk piles. We only carry the 15 yard bin which we have found is the perfect size regardless of whether you are looking for a 10, 14 or 20 yard bin

No matter how much junk you have, we can handle it all.

Our bins are easy to load. All you have to do is open the door, walk in and deposit the junk. With our bins you do not have to lift any heavy objects over the sides.


Call Ottawa Dumpster at (613) 317-1661 and let us know what size of bin you need. If for some reason you are not sure, you can ask us and we will be able to give you an estimate that will be based on our years of experience. If you have regular household waste or debris from a renovation, we would advise you to rent the 15 yard bin. When you are ready all you do is call us and tell us when you need it, and then we will deliver it. The rental price for our bins covers you for up to seven days, that time can be stretched upon your request. When you are done, call us and we will come by and pick it up for you.

You should also consider our full service option. We not only deliver the bin to you, but for a small additional fee, we can also fill it for you. We know that our customers may not have the time, ability, or liking to tackle the mess their selves.

Got Waste, Junk or Trash? – Choose Ottawa Dumpster

Call us for bin rental services at (613) 317-1661 or email us today.
Perfect for do it yourself junk and disposal services.