Mixed waste, is basically everything else that is not listed under clean fill. Mixed waste must be untainted by organic waste like, food or biological waste. Metal must be sorted out and scrapped, cardboard and glass has to be sorted then recycled, so are plastics and any other recyclables. If there are any non-recyclables, they are taken to the proper garbage facility in Ottawa.

At our sanitary facility we are prepared to process enormous loads of material, safely, fast and resourcefully. The professionals at Ottawa Dumpster are highly trained and qualified. We are regularly looking for ways that will progress our service. This includes staying updated on the latest recycling methods that are offered in Ottawa, and the surrounding area.


Clean fill is soil, brick and concrete. We separate these types into different bins which then are transported to the proper location. Brick is grounded down to make new bricks, just like concrete. Soil can be used as filler or for various things. Although asphalt is to be kept separate from both clean fill and mixed waste. Though we will take care of that since it is to be recycled and made into new asphalt.


We cannot dispose of cylinders, aerosol cans, tires, paint or any other type of hazardous waste.

The cost to dump varies on the materials we pick up and the size of bin you need.

See rates below for recycling/disposal.
  • 15 YARD BIN

Rental for up to 2 weeks: $289.00
Bin switch out: $240.00
Disposal fee: $130.00/ton

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