Our hassle free junk removal service. We do the work you don’t want to.

Over the progress of our lives we accumulate many things. Memories, relationships, priceless personal belongings, and unfortunately, junk. Sometimes, too much junk. Eventually you will find yourself staring at so much junk you just do not know what to do with, at that point, it can be devastating.

Fortunately for you, in times like these, Ottawa Dumpster is here to help. All you have to do is make that quick call to our company and you will have a team of professionals ready to help haul away your unwanted belongings, construction debris or renovation leftovers.

There are times in everyone’s life when the junk pile just becomes too overwhelming.

Where you are about to move to a new house and you are re-experiencing how much junk you have accumulated over the years, or maybe you are rebuilding your kitchen and have old floorboards or drywall to dispose of. No matter the reason for your junk, we have the solution. Call Ottawa Dumpster and ask for our full service option and we will do the rest! We do everything from loading the junk, cleaning up and safely disposing of it. That is why we call it, full service.

The first step to removing all of your junk and taking back the control of your space is to start with a free estimate. Unlike other companies, Ottawa Dumpster has an obligation free estimate. Call our team, set up a date and time for one of our dependable drivers. They will then call you that same day to let you know when they plan to arrive. We value your business and time, so we will never keep you waiting. Our well-mannered and qualified staff will go over what you want removed and offer you a precise estimate of the cost.

If the estimate suits you, we can start loading up all your junk or debris the same day, if needed. This same-day service is one of the things that separates us from our competitors. With most of our competitors you could be waiting up to two weeks before you get any action from them.

At Ottawa Dumpster we are constantly prepared to handle all junk piles of any size.

We offer 15-yard bin. This ensures that no matter how big or small your needs is; we will have something to suit them all.

After we load your unwanted items, we will stay behind to clean the area. We always make sure your home or business is clean and we treat it with all the attention and detail that we would treat our own. After the area is clean, we will haul your junk away and dispose of it safely. All of the clutter and junk that was once in your way is gone in a flash.

If you prefer to save some money and handle that junk yourself, you can rent a bin and fill it on your own. Simply let us know what size you want and we will deliver it and pick it up.

Got Waste, Junk or Trash? – Choose Ottawa Dumpster

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