Disposing of waste responsibly is not just environmentally beneficial, but it’s also mandated by local regulations. When you rent a dumpster in Ottawa, knowing what materials you can and can’t discard can help avoid additional fees and potential legal issues. Here’s a guide to ensure your waste removal adheres to Ottawa’s guidelines:

Items You Can Put in Your Bin

Household Waste

  • General Clutter: Toys, clothing, and other common household items.
  • Furniture: Broken or old furniture like chairs, tables, and sofas, provided they fit within the dumpster.
  • Electronics: Computers, televisions, radios, etc. (though recycling is recommended).

Construction Debris

  • Wood: Lumber, plywood, and other wooden materials.
  • Metals: Copper, steel, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Drywall and Masonry: Bricks, concrete, and plaster.

Yard Debris

  • Natural Waste: Leaves, branches, grass clippings, and similar.
  • Non-hazardous Materials: General non-toxic waste commonly found in yards.

Items You Can’t Put in Your Bin

Hazardous Waste

  • Chemicals: Paint, solvents, pesticides, and other toxic substances.
  • Medical Waste: Syringes, medications, and other related items.

Certain Electronics

  • Refrigerators: Due to freon and other refrigerants.
  • Certain Batteries: Especially those containing lead acid.

Specific Yard Waste

  • Large Tree Stumps: Often require separate disposal methods.

Tires and Automotive Parts

  • Tires: Often not allowed due to specialized recycling processes.
  • Large Auto Parts: Engines, transmissions, and other large components.


  • Oil, Grease, and Fuel: Pose a threat to the environment and are often classified as hazardous.
  • Any Unknown Substances: If you can’t identify it, it’s safer not to dump it.

Important Tips

  • Stay Informed: Regulations can change, so always check with your rental company or local regulations for any updates.
  • Size Matters: Ensure you rent a bin that’s big enough for your waste, but don’t overfill it.
  • Recycle When Possible: Before discarding, see if items can be donated, reused, or recycled.

Renting a dumpster in Ottawa requires a level of responsibility to ensure the waste is disposed of correctly. By being aware of what can and can’t go into your bin, you can contribute to a cleaner, safer environment and enjoy a hassle-free waste disposal experience. Always consult with your dumpster rental company for specific guidelines and recommendations.