Do you think it’s time to throw away the old rug? It doesn’t matter if your carpet has been rough, has some unattractive stains, or is out of fashion. It’s not necessary to take it to the dump. Rugs used for landfills are a source of environmental damage by releasing toxic substances. There are many environmentally friendly options for carpet removal.

Carpet Removal Options

  • Sell It: You can sell your old rug through websites that permit local advertising, such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Take photos, indicate the correct dimensions, and tell the truth about any flaws! You could earn money, and somebody else will get a rug for the right price.
  • Repurpose It: Are your carpets in a good state but not suitable for your living space? You could consider using it in another, such as your bedroom or basement. Specific furniture may help conceal ugly stain marks.
  • Donate It: It’s conceivable that it’s not right for you, but nonprofits could benefit from the old rug. Contact if donation centers will accept carpets if it’s in good shape.
  • It Should Take to a Recycling Center: Rugs cannot be recycled using your regular recycling program. However, you may find a facility nearby that could accept them. Make sure to call ahead and inquire about recycling costs.
  • Contact Ottawa Dumpster Junk Removal: Veterans and Military family members know exactly how to use that old rug. If it’s in good condition, We’ll locate the best spot to give it a second chance, and if it’s not appropriate to donate, we’ll take it to the proper recycling facility. Call us today at (613) 317-1661, and get Ottawa Dumpster to schedule a pickup. We offer transparent pricing and timely professional service.